Additive Manufacturing,

CNC Milling & Turning

 CNC Machining from Aluminium, Copper, Steel and more.


Next day additive manufacturing facility for prototypes and production runs from ABS material


Waterjet cutting now available

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Our Investment

This year we have invested in brand new Haas CNC machines for precison and reliability.

CNC Milling

CNC milling from a wide range of materials:






CNC Turning

CNC milling from a wide range of materials:







CNC Plasma Cutting

Our CNC Plasma cutting services can be used on materials  listed below.


Stainless Steel

Mild Steel





FDM Printing

FDM Printing has many materials including:





SLA Resin Printing

SLA Resin Printing is used for many applications.

Standard Resins

Engineering Resins

Fit Function Resins

 Product Design

High Temperature

SLS Nylon Printing

SLS Nylon Printing can be used for prototypes and end use products.

The advantage of SLS printing is that no support structures are requred meaning very complex parts can be produced

Avalable in Nylon and TPU

Experienced Prototyping Experts

With over 15 years manufacturing experience you can trust Express Prototype to deliver great quality prototypes and production parts using the latest in 3D printing technology.

In House Printer's


Parts Printed To date

Made In Britain

We are proud to be a British company and produce all our orders in the U.K.


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