PLA has a wide range of available colors and translucencies and a glossy feel, and often attract those who print for display. Many appreciate the plant based origins and prefer the semi­ sweet smell over ABS. When properly cooled, PLA seems to have higher maximum printing speeds, lower layer heights, and sharper printed corners. 



Special filaments range from wood filled, metal filled to carbon filled filaments and can be used on special requests, please use the cntact form for more information.



Our printers are capable of printing fine detail down to 100 microns in PLA 



Our larger machines currently have a build size of 305 x 305 x 305mm and we can split models to printand attach the seperate parts before final finishing.



FDM printing is usually far more cost effective than SLA resins and can achieve a surface finish which is still smooth when printing at 100 micron layer heights although the process for printing time is much longer.




PLA, or PolyLactic Acid is plant-based, derived from corn and sugarcane. This means that, under the right conditions, it’ll completely biodegrade in a year or two.However, this ability to biodegrade has no impact on our PLA’s strength and usability. In fact, because PLA is water insoluble, it has a broad commercial use in food packaging and medical devices. And when the right formula is used, it can be surprisingly strong and durable. 

Available in White, Black, Grey, Yellow, Gold, Silver, Red, Orange & Fire Red


 ABS, or Acrylonitrile-Butadiene Styrene, is one of the two most commonly used FDM thermoplastics, along with Polylactic Acid, or PLA.

There is a reason for this popularity, ABS combines real strength with a significant ability to bend before breaking.

This means that ABS will stand up to demanding mechanical conditions and, because of its flexibility, will survive torsion and elongation forces that would destroy an object made of PLA. This toughness means that ABS finds commercial applications in everything from automobile parts and electronic equipment to LEGO blocks. 

Available in White, Black, Grey, Yellow, Gold, Silver, Red, Orange & Fire Red


 Our flexi PLA is versatile; you can print it thick walled, or higher infill for a stiffer, extremely durable part. Or you can print the walls thinner, with much lower infill to create a very flexible, soft structure. 

Available in Red


Our translucent material is PLA based 

Available in Green, Blue & Red


 Carbonyte is a Carbon Nylon blended filament.Carbon fibre is a seriously strong and low density material, it’s only done justice in a composite with a copolymer that has qualities to perfectly compliment carbon. While carbon is stiff and light, Nylon 12’s properties are that it’s the most durable (and in our eyes, generally superior) 3d printing material available.Combined with it’s low friction coefficient, low density and high resistance to heat and chemicals – Nylon 12 was the perfect accompaniment to create this performance filament.The addition of the carbon fibre material has also granted this material improved UV resistance over standard nylon materials. 

Available in Grey / Black


 Our Nylon 12 filament is essentially the best suited material for end-­use parts and working prototypes. Why? Well, Nylon has been a very popular material of choice in industry for years, where maximum durability is required, now it's available as a 3D printing filament.Being strong and durable, 3D printing Nylon is a very practical. Our high grade Nylon 12 material has extremely good layer bonding, for smooth, strong (fault­-free) end­-use prints. Print it very thin to make long lasting living hinges, or flexible parts and print it with a higher infill to create hard but durable parts (like snap fit fixings or tough protective casings etc.).Nylon's low friction coefficient also makes it ideal for bush bearings or gears (think RC car gearboxes) ­ the end-­use possibilities for this excellent all-rounder are near limitless. Bring 3D printing away from low­-use display models, and into real world, with higher stress working prototypes and products. 

Available in white